The Ramey Banjo-Orchestra
(made by the Ramey Piano Company)

The new Ramey Banjo-Orchestra shown in an Oak case, with the front access doors opened to fully reveal the banjo and percussive trapwork.
Top Section: At the center is the automatic banjo, with the piano action visible on either side. At top left is the snare drum, with both a reiterating and single stroke beater. The wood block is directly below and midway between the snare drum triangle. The bass drum is at top right, with the tambourine in front of the bottom portion. The castanets are below the tambourine.

Bottom Section: The music roll frame is at top center, with various control devices scattered at left and behind. The bottom front side of the feeder pumps are partially visible just below the reddish stained music roll shelf. The black yoked fittings are attachment points for the crankshaft connecting sticks. The electric motor that drives the pumps is at bottom center.