Philipps Model 34 "Luxus"
Pianella Orchestrion
(a.k.a. Wurlitzer style 34A Mandolin PianOrchestra)
(Cohen collection, March, 1991)

Wurlitzer 34-A Mandolin PianOrchestra in the Cohen Collection, March, 1991.

(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

The beautiful Philipps/Wurlitzer orchestrion occupying a premier position in the Cohen collection, Studio City, California. Directly in front of the big orchestrion (left to right) sits a rare "Monopol Automat" musical automaton, and an antique Caille Roulette gaming machine. This picture was taken by Dana Johnson in March of 1991, just minutes prior to the orchestrion being dismantled for shipping to the Sanfilippo collection in Illinois.