Philipps Model "Pfau"
Pianella Orchestrion
(Wurlitzer Style 47 Mandolin PianOrchestra)
(Bronson collection)

Restored Philipps "Pfau" Pianella / Wurlitzer style 47 Mandolin PianOrchestra.

All the lighting effects are new, which includes the two revolving "Fancy Lamps," the center Peacock with its "Wonderlight" tail of painted feathers, and the center animated fountain scene. Measurements for reproducing the missing lighting effects were obtained by scaling Philipps advertising photographs, as well as by interpolating from existing case openings and mounting screw-holes and measuring other machines that contained similar lighting mechanisms.

Interior view of the restored Philipps "Pfau" Pianella / Wurlitzer style 47 Mandolin PianOrchestra.

(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

This interior view of the Pianella reveals it in all of its mechanical glory. Topside is the pipework, xylophone, and other standard trapwork features (drums, etc.). The tall center structure just above the automatic roll changing device is the light box with an endless cloth belt that provides the flowing water effect for the front animated scene's water fountain. To the far right of the roll changer is an end view of the orchestra bell action. At bottom back is the piano, and in front of it is the main stack. The feeder bellows are in the case bottom, and generate the vacuum and wind-pressure that powers the pneumatic components.