Wurlitzer Style 30A
Mandolin PianOrchestra
Case Design No. 2
(Sanfilippo collection, 2001)

Wurlitzer Style 30-A Mandolin PianOrchestra (Case Design No. 2) in the Sanfilippo collection.

Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz
(from his book The Golden Age of Automatic Music).

The casework for this variation of the venerable Wurlitzer Style 30-A PianOrchestra (Case Design No. 2) was built by Wurlitzer in its North Tonawanda, New York, factory. Completely enclosed by the casework is a Philipps chassis, made in Germany. The chassis was shipped complete except for certain items to be installed by Wurlitzer after importation, things such as Wurlitzer drums and cymbal, and, very importantly, standard U.S. electrical wiring, lighting sockets and motor.