Preserving Our Heritage

An Invitation to Help Preserve History

Any information or personal stories regarding large Philipps or Wurlitzer orchestrions are of keen interest. In this mechanical music section, every known Pianella / Wurlitzer PianOrchestra is provided a separate page, enumerating its original specifications, known history, restorations, modifications, and maybe a few associated stories. Photographs are included when available, and in a few instances a monophonic audio clip in MP3 format is provided.

To aid in developing a dating system for these Philipps and Wurlitzer orchestrions, here are some suggestions as to the kinds of information that is very helpful. The items enumerated are merely suggestions, and are not meant to infer any limits to the kinds of information that would be of interest:

Anyone who can add to or compliment anything within this mechanical music section is heartily encouraged and invited to contact the Webmaster at: