Unrestored Seeburg G Orchestrion
on its way to Reblitz Restorations Inc

Very unrestored Seeburg G Orchestrion loaded onto truck for hauling to Reblitz Restorations workshop.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

Seeburg G orchestrion before restoration. They don’t come in much worse condition. Ironically, this specimen was still in good restorable condition until the 1960s, after which the owner let it sit under a leaky roof for 25 years. One side fell off while loading what remained onto a truck. The interior mechanisms had been removed and piled into boxes. This kind of starting point is an excellent example of how miracles can come about, when a qualified and skilled restoration person is hired.

Backside of Seeburg G Orchestrion showing beautifully restored case and piano frame and sounding board.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

Backside of the same but restored Seeburg G Orchestrion showing the immaculately reconstructed cabinet, soundboard, and piano back assembly.

Front view of Seeburg G Orchestrion after a thorough comestic and mechanicl restoration.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

The same Seeburg G after a thorough cosmetic and mechanical restoration by Reblitz Restorations, including major reconstruction of the cabinet, soundboard, piano back assembly, and most internal components. Fortunately, the violin and flute pipes were stored apart from the orchestrion and were in excellent condition.