Peerless Arcadian Orchestrion
Peerless Arcadian Orchestrion.
The completed walnut Arcadian ready to be delivered. It plays rare Peerless Style O rolls that are 14½” wide, spaced 7 holes per inch with a total of 97 holes and 66 playing notes. This is the same basic note scale as in the early Style D coin piano. Later Arcadians and Wisterias have octave coupling in the bass and treble, playing all 88 piano notes from the 66-note scale.
Unrestored Peerless Arcadian Orchestrion.
The very early style has two crankshafts, one for the vacuum pump and the other for the pressure pump, connected by a belt in the lower part of the piano. Unlike later Arcadians, it has one pipe chest and rank of pipes instead of two.
Piano in Peerless Arcadian Orchestrion.
The stack and control mechanisms are under the keyboard, as in the early Peerless Style D coin piano.
Lower interior of the Peerless Arcadian Orchestrion.
The pumps, cranking mechanisms, and reservoirs behind the soundboard. The wooden box connected to the pressure pump and reservoir (to the left) has a slide valve on top for turning off the pipes manually. The silver-painted brackets on the back edge of either side of the case are sockets for temporary handles for moving the piano, since there is no room for conventional wooden handles between the back posts.