Seeburg Style J Orchestrion
Cremona Style F piano with pipes.
This orchestrion plays G rolls and contains all Seeburg mechanisms in a Peerless Wisteria cabinet. Seeburg acquired the cabinet parts from a common supplier when F. Engelhardt & Sons, maker of Peerless coin-operated instruments, underwent bankruptcy in 1915-1916. Seeburg then installed the pianos, mechanical components, art glass, etc. and sold them as a variation of its Style J. Some examples were sold to Jenkins Music Co. of Kansas City with a “Harwood” fallboard decal, a Jenkins trade name.
Interior of Cremona Style F piano with pipes.
Upper interior of Seeburg J “Wisteria.” The pipe chest is the same as in a Seeburg G, with two ranks of pipes: violins and stopped flutes, the latter used in only a few Seeburgs. The pressure reservoir is oblong and is mounted above the pinblock to the left. The lock and cancel box is to the right. The percussion is just behind the pipes, and is similar to an early style KT. In this model J, there is no xylophone.
Bottom interior of a Seeburg Style H orchestrion.
Upper interior of Seeburg J showing the restored piano, ready for installation of pneumatic components and instruments.
Drum shelf in a Seeburg Style H orchestrion.
Installing the mechanisms in the bottom of the case. This Seeburg has a fairly rare flat belt pulley on the pump, with a spring-loaded tension pulley to keep the belt tight. In over 15 years of use since restoration, the flat leather belt has never needed to be shortened.