Wurlitzer Style BX Orchestra Piano
Wurlitzer Style BX Orchestra Piano.
The Wurlitzer BX includes piano, mandolin attachment, 38 violin pipes, bass and snare drums, triangle, and a 6-roll automatic changer.
Unrestored Wurlitzer Style BX Orchestra Piano.
Although the outside of the cabinet was scuffed from commercial use by the second owner, the original ivories, piano hammers, nickel plating, and finish on the interior components were still almost like new, thanks to 60 years of relatively dry Colorado climate.
Stack for Wurlitzer Style BX Orchestra Piano.The 1913 BX piano stack sitting upside down on the bench, ready for fine regulating of the wooden levers that push down on the keys just behind the fallboard.
Piano in Wurlitzer Style BX Orchestra Piano.
We repainted and redecorated the dark green piano plate because the original paint was badly faded, but the piano action is still almost completely original except for the hammers. To anyone critical of “over-restoration,” this action hasn’t been over-restored; this is what a piano action originally looks like when high humidity hasn’t turned it dark!