Melville Clark Piano Company Apollo Pianos

Meville Clark Apollophone player piano.

(Photographs courtesy of Jere DeBacker)

Apollophone player piano 19,331. The phonograph turntable and tone arm are located in the upper left compartment, and the horn is behind the spoolbox. The phonograph and roll mechanism share the same spring motor, wound by the pumping pedals as usual when playing rolls, or by the winding crank on the right side when playing phonograph records. This piano plate is dated February 28, 1916.

Melville Clark Solo Apollo upright player piano.

Solo Apollo upright player piano 14,075, which originally played both 15¼” wide Solo Apollo rolls and regular 11¼” wide 88-note player piano rolls (the latter with the extension roll support spindles in place, as in the photo). The spring-wound music roll motor is mounted on the right side of the spoolbox. Two long rods near the right side of the case connect its winding stem to the pumping pedals, and slip clutches in the winding cranks prevent the spring from being overwound. At the end of the roll, the spring motor has enough energy stored to rewind the roll without pumping. The Solo Apollo was introduced in early 1909; this example is dated December 1912 on the piano plate and March 18, 1913 on the piano action.

Melville Clark Solo Apollo upright player piano.

Apollo specialist Jere DeBacker with Solo Apollo upright player piano, seial number 14,075.