First Impression of the New De Kalb Factory
of the Melville Clark Piano Company, circa 1904

Impression of the new Melville Clark Piano Company factory in DeKalb, Illinois, circa 1905.

(From September 29, 1904, issue of The Presto)

Herewith THE PRESTO presents the first impression to appear of the new Melville Clark Piano Company at De Kalb, Ill. Detailed particulars of this substantial structure have already appeared. The factory will be ready for occupancy the 1st of January [1905]. The structure will be of brick, 300 x 175 feet, three stories high and 60 feet wide. The power house will be 40 x 50 feet. New and fine appliances including twin boilers and a Corliss engine will be put in. Complete electrical equipment will be installed. The new factory will have a capacity of 2,500 Melville Clark pianos and 4,000 Apollo players a year. It will be so constructed that it can be enlarged whenever the exigencies of business demand it. A switch connecting with the three roads running through DeKalb will connect the factory with each railroad. The cost of the structure will be $60,000.