Chicago Electric Catalogue Illustrations

Chicago Electric Model EL-2.

(Catalogue illustration courtesy of Dana Johnson)

Style EL-1, Piano and Mandolin. A popular design, double veneered throughout, attractive art glass panel, furnished in Mission finish. Coin operated or can be played by hand.

Piano is strictly high grade throughout and noted for its tone quality and resonance. Plays ten tune standard rewind music rolls "with expression."

Height: 4 ft. 9 in; Depth: 2 ft. 4 in; Width: 5 ft. 5 in.

Chicago Electric Model EL-2.

(Catalogue illustration from The Music Trade Review)

A massive art case of special design for public parlors, selected special figured quarter-sawed oak finished in Flemish Mission. Beautiful art glass panel of rainbow effect. Empire top.

Highest grade piano. Operated with roll or played by hand. Tone quality unsurpassed.

Height: 4 ft. 9 in; Length: 5 ft. 4-1/2 in; Depth: 2 ft. 5 in.

Chicago Electric Model K.

(Catalogue illustration courtesy of Art Reblitz)

A new design to meet the demand for an instrument taking up less space than the keyboard piano. Case of unusual attractiveness--original Gothic design in mission finish.

No special music required, you have the largest library of music roll to select from. Produces music with expression and makes you real profits.

Height 5 ft. 4 in; Depth: 2 ft. 2 in; Width: 3 ft. 10 in.