The Mills Novelty Company
Special Advertising Galleries

Mills advertising gallery atop a Violano-Virtuoso.

(Photograph courtesy of Bob Brown)

A Mills advertising gallery finished in red mahogany sitting atop a Mills Violano-Virtuoso. The width between the supporting legs on each side are such that they do not interfere with the manually operated swell panel that can be raised to increase the volume of the violin (on the Baby Grand, Concert Grand and DeLuxe models). The electrical sconces on each side were no doubt added to attract the attention of patrons, as well as light up the sign itself.

Advertising sign framed by the special Mills gallery.

(Photograph courtesy of Bob Brown)

Close-up of the English advertising sign framed by the top gallery. In this signage the coin denomination is the English penny, a heavy copper coin, abbreviated as "1d," from the Roman denarius. The copper penny was in circulation in Great Britain from the early 18th century up until February of 1971, when a new decimal system of coinage was inaugurated.

Oblique view of the Mills advertising gallery.

(Photograph courtesy of Bob Brown)

An oblique view of the special Mills advertising gallery, showing the side support legs and backside of the gallery's framework. Note the exposed electrical wiring and electrical connection dangling along the backside.