Operators Piano Company
Cabinet Style Piano Plates

Haddorff piano used in 61-note Coinola Midgets.

(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

1. A Haddorff piano of the type used in the early 61-note Coinola Midget, both in models playing A and O rolls. The hammers are grouped into 18 bass, 28 midrange and 15 treble. In early 61-note Midgets playing O rolls the 12 highest notes on the roll play only on the solo instrument, not the piano. This photograph is actually of a Haddorff installed in a Link 2E coin piano, but it is almost identical to the version used by Operators.

61-note Coinola Midget piano plate detail.

(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

2. 18-note bass section (left) and 15-note treble section (right) of a 61-note Coinola Midget.

66-note Coinola Midget plate.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

3. The 66-note piano used in later Midgets playing O rolls. The hammers are grouped into 12 bass, 28 midrange and 26 treble. In Midgets with this style of piano the piano plays all the way to the highest solo note in the treble, but there are only 12 bass notes with no bass octave coupling.