Operators Piano Company
Coin Entry Chutes

Early Coinola puss-pull slide type coin entry

(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

Many early Victor Coin and Coinola pianos have a horizontally oriented push-pull coin slide, as pictured above.

Diagonally oriented push-pull slide coin entry.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

Mid-era Coinola pianos have a push-pull coin slide mounted diagonally, as pictured above.

Late style pushbutton coin entry for nickels.

(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

Late Coinola pianos have this coin entry with a vertical slot and spring-loaded pushbutton. After inserting a coin into the slot the patron pushes the button, thereby depositing the coin in the inside coin chute.

Rare late style pushbutton coin entry for dimes.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

This dime slot is from Coinola CO orchestrion #175859. Most other examples are made to receive a nickel.