Late Seeburg Ratchet Wheel Coin Accumulators

First model of ratchet wheel accumulator mounted in a cast iron box.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

The first model of late accumulator is mounted in a cast iron box, as shown here. The counting wheel described in the text is hidden behind the fiber mounting panel with the semicircular slot. A post attached to the counting wheel sticks through the slot so it can open the contact points to shut off the piano. The credit pneumatic is just under the top of the box, and the shutoff pneumatic is barely visible inside the front of the box. This example, from Seeburg K #55,542, with a Haddorff piano made in 1913, has a green colored wooden cash box and drawer.

Common late style accumulator mounted in a sheet metal box.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

Very common late style accumulator found in many 1920s Seeburgs of all styles, mounted in a sheet metal box. This example from Greyhound #166,043, made in 1928, has a limit bar screwed across the slot after the fifth credit position. Found only in Greyhound pianos, which have a dog race attachment for gambling, this limit prevented the piano from playing more than five tunes if customers gambled repeatedly, because an average tune lasts at least two minutes, but one dog race lasts only half a minute or less.