Late Style H Solo Mechanism

Front view of the pushrod hold-down bar in a Seeburg H.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

Front view of the pushrod hold-down bar in Seeburg H #54,153, made in 1922 with a Seeburg piano. The black horizontal wooden strip obscuring the treble pushrods holds the pushrods down when the music roll calls for a pipe solo. The two vertical wooden stands and metal bars form a pantograph to keep the bar parallel to the stack and action. The metal bar extending downward to the right connects to a large pneumatic on the side of the case that pulls on it, forcing the bar down.

Back view of the solo hold-down bar.

(Photograph courtesy of Art Reblitz)

Back view of the hold-down bar, showing the slots lined with red action cloth, the pantograph assembly, and the small, barely-visible, horizontal pins mounted in the pushrods and entering the slots. With the bar up the pushrods are free to move up and down to play the piano. When the bar is down, it holds the pins down, keeping the piano treble from playing. This is much simpler than the early solo valve system.