Philipps Pianella Mandoline (PM) Rolls

A selection of Philipps Pianella Mandoline (PM) rolls shown in some of the paper colors used over the years.

(Photograph courtesy of Thomas Richter)

The above selection of Philipps Pianella Mandoline (PM) rolls show some of the paper colors used by Philipps over the years. The red paper rolls are the earliest, followed by pink and then chamois. All of the rolls shown are for an instrument with a single roll mechanism, i.e., it only holds one music roll. Rolls for use in instruments equipped with a revolver mechanik (roll changer) differ only in the type of roll spool employed.

Late Philipps Pianella Mandoline (PM) roll for use in a revolver mechanik (roll changer).

(Photograph courtesy of Thomas Richter)

This late Philipps Pianella Mandoline (PM) roll has a roll spool and wire leader designed specifically for use on an instrument equipped with a revolver mechanik, (automatic roll changer). This particular roll, as are all rolls in the 10,000 number range, are arranged for the Philipps Jazzband orchestrions, a series of keyboard style orchestrions with pipework, drums, and cymbals suited to the intricate jazz arrangements popular in the mid to late 1920s.