Image Survey Examples and Instructions
for Submitting Wurlitzer APP Music Rolls

Wurlitzer APP music roll #367, with the roll label clearly and fully readable.(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

Wurlitzer APP roll #367, with the label clearly centered and fully readable--even though it is not lying flat. There is no need to snap a picture of anything but the actual music roll label, be it on a music roll or on the box for the roll. However, please notice the glare on the middle part of the label, which can make reading the text difficult. This glare can be somewhat elevated by holding the camera slightly off to one side, instead of looking straight on at the music roll and its label.

Photograph of a Wurlitzer Box Label for APP music roll #2670.(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

Photograph of the music roll box label for Wurlitzer APP roll #2670. Here the box rests at an angle, one end raised and supported by the bottom portion of the box. This is an easy and convenient method of positioning the roll box so as to make it quite easy to snap a good picture of the roll label. Notice that the camera is being held slightly above and to one side of the roll label, which helps to dampen any glare on the label.

Wurlitzer 10-tune APP music roll and label for roll #20411.(Photograph courtesy of Dana Johnson)

Photograph of the music roll label for Wurlitzer APP roll #20411. In this instance the camera is aimed downward at a point just about even with the top of the label, whereupon a hint of glare is visible in the upper portion of the label. The saving grace in this case being only the Wurlitzer title area is affected, and not so much the tune title and composer information. This demonstrates the importance of holding the camera slightly above the top edge of the roll label, so as to eliminate offending glare as much as is reasonably possible.