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Seeburg H Orchestrion.
Seeburg Style J Orchestrion restored by Reblitz Restorations.
Two of America’s most ornate and sought-after Seeburg orchestrions.
We completely restored the 1914 style J to the left in 2004, and the 1922 style H to the right in 2009.
See and hear the H by clicking “Videos of Restored Instruments” in the left hand navigation column of this page.
Tuning, Repairs, and Complete Restoration
of all kinds of
Orchestrions -- Coin Operated Pianos
Reproducing Pianos -- Player Pianos
Band Organs
Hupfeld Super Pan Orchestra.
A magnificent Hupfeld Super Pan Orchestra, one of the world’s most complex and musical orchestrions, which we restored in 1992. Standing 11’4” high and 12’ wide, it contains 312 pipes and 98 harmonium reeds in three expression chambers; reproducing piano, xylophone, bells, percussion, and two 10-roll automatic changers. Photo from The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments, copyright 2001 by Arthur A. Reblitz. All rights reserved.

Our standard-setting restorations may be seen and heard in the finest collections.
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