Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina
Model A with Duplex Roll Changers

Original Location: Bremen, Germany

Catalogue illustration of Hupfeld Model A Phonoliszt-Violina.Original Catalogue Specifications:

Musical Scale:


Chronological History:

Circa 1912-14
Manufactured by Hupfeld, Leipzig, Germany.

Circa 1912-14
A Café in Bremen, Germany.

Circa 1960s
Paul Corin, England.

Reportedly, Paul Corin operated a musical museum in England. According to a letter from Mr. Corin to Ken Goldman, the current owner of the Phonoliszt-Violina, the instrument came from a cafe in Bremen, North Germany. Paul Corin mentions that he cannot remember the name of the lady from whom the instrument was purchased.

Circa 1973
Friberg/Mekanisk Music Museum collection, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Circa 1973
Bowers collection, California.

The instrument was bought by Dave Bowers circa 1973, and was shipped to California. After the close of H&B, Terry Hathaway maintained a restoration shop in the Whittier, California, area for about two years, and the instrument, along with another Model A Phonoliszt-Violina with duplex roll-changers (this one belonging to Terry Hathaway) were stored in the new workshop. Both machines were cleaned up, with enough work on the Bowers Phonoliszt-Violina to get it in satisfactory playing condition. It was one of the many automatic musical instruments to be featured in the AMICA convention held in Los Angeles in 1980.

Goldman Collection, Massachusetts.

Phonoliszt=Violina shown with front access doors to violins open.The instrument was bought by Ken Goldman and shipped to Ron Cappel in central California for a complete and exacting restoration. Restoration was completed in 1992. Then, after the instruments was recorded by Ron Cappel for his own audio reference, the instrument was shipped to Massachusetts, whereby the Phonoliszt-Violina became a treasured instrument in the Goldman collection..


Information provided by Terry Hathaway, Dave Bowers, Ken Goldman, Ron Cappel and Art Reblitz.


Ken Goldman; and Ron Cappel.