Wurlitzer Style 15 Mandolin PianOrchestra

Original Location: New York City, New York

Original Catalogue Specifications:

61 Note Musical Scale:


Chronological History:

Circa 1914/15
Certain chassis components manufactured by J.D. Philipps & Sons, Bockenheim, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.

Circa 1914/15
Chassis imported by Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, New York.

All electricals added by Wurlitzer. Wrap-around case, with an integral floor, manufactured by Wurlitzer.

Shipping Ledger: R. Wurlitzer Co., New York, Aug. 4, 1915, Driftwood finish.

Ice-cream parlor located in New York City, New York.

Circa 19??
Ruth Bornand, Pelham, New York.

The late Ruth Bornand, a well known music box connoisseur, dealer, and professional restorer, discovered the PianOrchestra in an Ice Cream Parlor somewhere in New York City. The circumstances under which the instrument was found are unknown, but it is presumed that the PianOrchestra was passed on to another collector because her interest was in classical cylinder and disc type music boxes.

Circa 19??
Roy Haning & Neal White collection, Troy, Ohio.

The only known 12-station roll changer, which was originally installed in the Wurlitzer style 15 Mandolin PianOrchestra.It is unknown as to how Haning & White came into possession of the PianOrchestra. There was some minor restoration work of an unspecified nature regarding certain interior components during the time it was owned by Roy Haning and Neal White.

Circa 1969
Otto Carlsen collection, Monrovia, California.

Additional minor restoration, cleaning, and tinkering of chests and other components was performed by Otto Carlsen during the short time the PianOrchestra was in his possession.

Circa 1970
Dave Bowers collection, Whittier, California.

The case was refinished and minor adjustments were made by Terry Hathaway. The interior condition of the machine was very good, requiring little effort to have the instrument play admirably.

Circa 1974
Terry Hathaway collection, Santa Fe Springs, California.

Only periodic minor adjustments and tinkering were administered while in the possession of Terry Hathaway.

Circa 1975-76
William (Bill) Wherry collection, Orinda, California.

Other than a reinforcing steel framework that was added to the backside of the piano, possibly by Gary Sage, of Pacific Grove, California, it is unknown the extent of any other restoration attempt while in the possession of Bill Wherry. Reportedly, additional pipework was added, and then removed when the PianOrchestra was sold.

Circa 1990
Sanfilippo collection, Illinois.

It is unknown whether additional restoration work has been done to the PianOrchestra while in the Sanfilippo collection.


Information provided by Dave Bowers, Terry Hathaway and Art Reblitz.


Circa 1912 Wurlitzer catalogue; and Q. David Bowers.