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This web site is meant to be both educational and entertaining, with its construction and maintenance being a labor of love. It is the result of combining two formerly separate mechanical music endeavors. In 1997 Terry Hathaway initiated a web site devoted to historical research and education relating to large mechanical music machines. This site later added audio recordings of certain rare and historic automatic musical instruments, so that it was possible for visitors to actually hear and enjoy the sound of mechanical music as it once existed during its long ago heyday (A music licensing agency eventually thought a fee should be paid for the use of each 70- to 90-year old tune fragment, so they were removed despite thousands of old recordings of similar music being allowed on YouTube).

The Mechanical Music Press web site was inaugurated in 2002, operated by Art Reblitz and Tim Westman. It was primarily for advertising and showcasing Art Reblitz’s new book, The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments, a 436-page masterpiece that illustrates many spectacular automatic musical instruments from the collections of Robert Gilson, James Krughoff, and Jasper Sanfilippo. Then, in April of 2003, the historical mechanical music history pages on Terry Hathaway’s Hathaworld web site were transferred to and merged into the Mechanical Music Press site, the result of which forms the basis of what you see here today.

The marriage of these two formerly separate and distinct web sites provided a more powerful and diverse stage for the presentation of mechanical music technology and its fascinating history, by uniting the compatible interests and enthusiasm of several people, each one participating in a complimentary and synergistic way. Terry Hathaway, for instance, had an expanded platform to present additional historical articles and research, while Art Reblitz, now had a ready platform to announce and distribute not only his currently in-print books, but gave him the motivation to finish other writing projects and easily make them publicly accessible. Moreover, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page now allowed Mr. Reblitz to present commonly submitted questions in a way that everyone can learn from and enjoy, while, at the same time, relieve him from having to answer the same type of question over and over again, thus giving him more time to create new and interesting publications.

With the new combined format in place, numerous historical articles and instrument profiles were added over the intervening years. Then, in 2009, the biggest change and/or improvement to the original site layout took place, when a new Mechanical Music Registry section was added. The purpose of the new Registry section was not so much to convey mechanical music history, but to enumerate what still existed. This meant sorting out and compiling years worth of notes about existing instruments that Art Reblitz had collected over a lifetime of researching, collecting, and restoring mechanical music instruments, and then publishing this vast collection of details in a logical and easy to comprehend and use way. But this original concept quickly morphed into a more expanded view of the Registry, when it was realized that it could and should also accommodate other types of sequential information, such as original de Kleist and Wurlitzer ledger information that had become available due to the research by Dave Bowers in preparation for a new book to be jointly written by himself and Art Reblitz, The Reblitz-Bowers Guide to Coin-Operated American Pianos and Orchestrions.

From the first days of the Mechanical Music Press it has been Faith Westman who has taken care of the day to day customer service aspects relating to book sales, preparing, and shipping out book orders, so that Mechanical Music Press customers could enjoy prompt and timely service for items purchased. Tim Westman was originally responsible for domain name registration and other related affairs so as to keep the Mechanical Music Press web site up and running. Terry Hathaway volunteered for the task of part-time webmaster, keeping the web site up to date, as well as be a contributing author for additional historical information as time and interest permitted. In 2010 Tim Westman officially relinquished his duties relative to the Mechanical Music Press, they then being assumed by Art Reblitz, whereupon Reblitz Restorations became the sponsor of record for the Mechanical Music Press web site.

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